About Roses

When I had yet to see my tenth birthday, I can remember riding in the cab of a trailer truck loaded with up to fifty thousand flower pots to deliver to the likes of Houston, Dallas, Waco, or Austin.  By the time the US Air Force insisted that I leave East Texas and move to Japan, I had learned to make the flower pots, drive the trucks, burn the kilns, prospect for clay, and many other things associated with the family business.

OK, here is where the roses come into play.  Many customers of the Athens Pottery grew roses.  And over the years my dad had learned to love roses.  He was always wanting to grow roses, but somehow he never found the time.

I suspect because of his attitude toward roses, they have always been special to me.  Dad always said, “a man can make a lot of things, but only God can make a rose”.  And I have always enjoyed taking photographs of roses.  They are bright and colorful.  I think they make great wall art for anywhere in a home or office that needs a splash of color.

Nobody around town talks about it very much anymore, but some of us remember that our home town of Tyler, Texas is the Rose capital of the world.  At least, it was back in the day.

However, flowers in general and roses in particular, are not fast sellers.  If they sold better, I would have thousands of fine art images available for people to purchase.  Things being the way they are, I have a few dozen for people to view and then usually pass on by.

I had the occasion this past week to photograph some roses and rose arrangements for a client and I was thinking about all this.  So now I have put them into a blog.  Blogs are wonderful, are they not?  Everyone gets to have their own little say about anything they want.

Anyway, the images came out respectable and I wanted everyone to have a chance to at least see them.  I have them on my website for you to see.  Just click the link below or, you know, cut and paste it in your browser.  When you get to the website click on, you guessed it, the logo that says “ROSES”.