Inside the Band

I’m sure that an artist could not begin to establish the exact number of such thoughts.  I’m also sure nobody could talk fast enough to vocalize the thoughts through some recording devise.

I am amazed at how the thousands of hours of rehearsal and practice of each musician has brought us together to this particular performance, to this song, and this particular part of a song.  It is amazing to hear all of it at once, to balance the volume within a section, and the band as a whole.

Each musician thinks differently.  Each musician has a different musical background.  Each musician has a different opinion of the “correct” volume, phrasing, tempo, and all the other factors that go into a piece of music.   Indeed, each individual musician is capable of directing or rehearsing the band.  And no two of them would do it or “hear it” the same way.  The magic is that each one of us is able to leave that all behind and come together in agreement for the good of the sound.

I used the term “magic”, and so it is.  The audience can’t begin to feel what we as musicians feel while the performance is happening, no matter how well educated or how tuned into the music they are.  Behind the performance there is the swelling of pride, the agony of defeat, and sometimes even boredom.  Within the same performance, the musicians can become so elated as to become almost giddy, and then just as fast, be brought to tears.

I know that the feelings of elation, sadness, and boredom, are not unique to the musician.  In addition to being a musician, I am also a fine art photographer.  I have the same emotions when creating images for paper, canvas, or metal.  I wonder if people not involved in art have similar feelings?

Send me your thoughts.

If you would like to see some of my fine art photographs of musical instruments and other things click on the link below.