Old Brownie


I should explain.  Larry is a world class guitar musician that has performed with many of the top entertainers of our day.  I was never a part of the big-name groups.  I’m just a hometown county boy that could keep a half way steady beat on the drums.  However, I was lucky enough to perform with Larry “back in the day”.  Countless nights of clubs and bars allowed me to hear some of the greatest guitar sounds you can imagen come from “Old Brownie”.

I spend some time these days making fine art images for homes and professional buildings.  I was working on a series if photographs that involved guitars and asked Larry to lend me some of his old guitars for props and subjects of the images.  When he came in with “Old Brownie” many of the old memories came flooding back.  Good friends, good music, good times…

It’s a pain to grow old.  But so much better that the alternative.  Have a look at some of the pictures of “Old Brownie”.  It cost nothing to look.